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Kiev (Kyiv)

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darnitsa rayon kiev fl
darnitsky rayon coa n3842
desninskii rayon Kiev coa
desninskii rayon Kiev fl
dniprovskyi rayon Kiev coa
g1016 kiev city
g1278 kievchb city
goloseevskii rayon coa
kiev1782 city coa n3286
kiev2009 city coa n11543
kiev2009 city coa n11544
kiev2009 city fl n11545
kiev city coa 1995 n32235
kiev city coa XV
kiev city coa XVII
kiev city coa proj 1859
kiev city prcoa n294
kiev city prcoa n4016
kyiv fl
pechersk rayon coa n11546
pecherskii rayon Kiev fl
podilskiy rayon Kiev coa
shevchenkovskii rayon coa
shevchenkovskii rayon fl
solomyanskyi rayon kiev coa

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