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Khmelnitsky oblast (Khmelnitskiy oblast)

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guta selo coa
guta selo fl
hmelnitskii city coa 1671
hmelnitskii city coa 1796
hmelnitskii city coa 1971
hmelnitskii city coa proj
hodorivci selo coa
hodorivci selo fl
holyky selo coa
holyky selo fl
honakiv selo coa
honakiv selo fl
horovets selo coa
horovets selo fl
hvoschivka selo coa
hvoschivka selo fl
ivanivka selo coa
ivanivka selo fl
ivankovci selo coa
izaslavskii rayon coa
iziaslav city coa 1754
iziaslav city coa 1796
iziaslav city coa proj kene
izjasl city coa2013
izjasl city fl
izjaslavskii rayon fl
jarmolinitskii rayon fl
jarmollinetskii rayon coa
kaitanovka selo coa
kamenets podolskii rayon coa
kamenets podolskii rayon fl
kamenets podolsky city fl n20580
kamenetsk podolsky city coa 1796
kamenetsk podolsky city coa XIV XVIII
kamenetspodol city coa n3296
kamyanets podolskiy city coa n18500
khmelnitsky obl coa n7583
khmelnitsky obl fl
khmelnytskii rayon coa
khmelnytskii rayon fl
klepachi selo coa
klepachi selo fl
komyny selo coa
komyny selo fl
kornitsa selo coa 1754
korychyntsi selo coa
korychyntsi selo fl
korzhivtsi selo coa
korzhivtsi selo fl
kotelanka selo coa

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