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Khmelnitsky oblast (Khmelnitskiy oblast)

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shepetovka city fl
shepetovskii rayon coa
shepetovskii rayon fl
shevchenko selo coa
shevchenko selo fl
slavuta city coa
slavuta city coa1971
slavuta city coaXVIII
slavuta city fl
slavutskii rayon coa
slavutskii rayon fl
smotrich pgt coa 1808
smotrich pgt coa XV XVIII
smotrych selo coa
smotrych selo fl
somaki selo coa
somaki selo fl
st kryvyn selo coa
st kryvyn selo fl
stanislavovka selo coa
stanislavovka selo fl
staraja ushitsa pos coa XVIII
starkonstantinov city coa 1796
starkonstantinov city coa proj
starokonstantinov city coa
starokonstantinov city fl
starokonstantinovskii rayon coa
starokonstantinovskii rayon fl
starosinjavskii rayon coa
starosinjavskii rayon fl
stavychany selo coa
stavychany selo fl
strkonstantinovskii rayon coa
struga selo coa
strygany selo coa
strygany selo fl
teofipol city coa
trostyanec selo coa
trostyanec selo fl
ulanovka selo coa
ulanovka selo fl
ulashanivka selo coa
ulashanivka selo fl
vachev selo coa
vachev selo fl
varvarivka selo coa
varvarivka selo fl
veselinovka selo coa
veselinovka selo fl
vinkivitskii rayon coa

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