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Khmelnitsky oblast (Khmelnitskiy oblast)

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naraivka selo fl
narkevychi pgt coa
narkevychi pgt fl
neteshin city coa n18501
niznie golovli selo coa
niznie golovli selo fl
novaja ushitsa pos coa
novoushitskii rayon coa
novoushitskii rayon fl
nyzhnee selo coa
nyzhnee selo fl
pashuki selo coa
pashuki selo fl
pechyvody selo coa
pechyvody selo fl
perejaslav hmelnitsky city coa 1782
peremyshel selo coa
peremyshel selo fl
pivneva gora selo coa
pivneva gora selo fl
ploska selo coa
ploska selo fl
poddubci selo coa
poddubci selo fl
podolye gub coa n4074
pogranichnaja ulashanovka selo coa
pogranichnaja ulashanovka selo fl
polonne city coa XVII
polonskii rayon coa
polonskii rayon fl
ponora selo coa
ponora selo fl
potereba selo coa
potereba selo fl
puzyrky selo coa
puzyrky selo fl
radivtsi selo coa
radivtsi selo fl
romaniny selo coa
romaniny selo fl
rovky selo coa
rovky selo fl
satanov pgt coa 1641
selychiv selo coa
selychiv selo fl
shagova selo coa
shagova selo fl
shatava selo 1750
shaternyky selo coa
shaternyky selo fl

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