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Khmelnitsky oblast (Khmelnitskiy oblast)

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kotelanka selo fl
krasnaja chaharivka selo coa
krasnaja chaharivka selo fl
krasnosilka selo coa
krasnosilka selo fl
krasnostav selo coa
krasnostav selo fl
krasylov city coa
krasylov city coa sov
krasylov city fl
krasylovskii rayon coa
krasylovskii rayon fl
krupets selo coa
krupets selo fl
kunev city coa
kunev city fl
kutky selo coa
kutky selo fl
letichev pgt coa
letichev pgt coa XVI
letychevskii rayon coa
letychevskii rayon fl
lisets selo coa
lisna stinka selo coa
lisna stinka selo fl
lozovoe pgt coa
lozovoe pgt fl
lysyche seloo coa
lysyche seloo fl
maidan chernelevetskii selo coa
maidan chernelevetskii selo fl
mal pravutyn selo coa
mal pravutyn selo fl
mal sknyt selo coa
mal sknyt selo fl
manatyn selo coa
manatyn selo fl
medziboz pgt coa
medziboz pgt fl
modestovka selo coa
modestovka selo fl
muharev selo coa
muharev selo fl
mykhailovka selo coa
mykhailovka selo fl
mynkivci selo coa
mynkivci selo fl
myrytyn selo coa
myrytyn selo fl
naraivka selo coa

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