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Khmelnitsky oblast (Khmelnitskiy oblast)

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annopol city coa
annopol city fl
antonovtsy s prcoa 2021
antonovtsy s prfl 2021
antonovtsy village coa n32247
antonovtsy village fl n32246
bachmanivka selo coa
bachmanivka selo fl
balkovtsy selo coa
balkovtsy selo fl
baranovka selo coa
baranovka selo fl
belogorie pos coa
bereznoe selo coa
bereznoe selo fl
besedky selo coa
besedky selo fl
bilohirskii rayon coa
bilohirskii rayon fl
bilotyn selo coa
bilotyn selo fl
bodnarovka selo coa
bodnarovka selo fl
bolshoi pravutyn selo coa
bolshoi pravutyn selo coa1
bolshoi pravutyn selo fl
bolshoi pravutyn selo fl1
bolshoi sknyt selo coa
bolshoi sknyt selo fl
borbuhi selo coa
borbuhi selo fl
bubnovka selo coa
bubnovka selo fl
buivolivtsy selo coa
buivolivtsy selo fl
chemerivskii rayon coa
chemerivskii rayon fl
cherche selo coa
cheremovtsy pos coa
cheremovtsy pos fl
chornyi ostrov pos coa
chornyi ostrov pos fl
chuheli celo coa
chuheli celo fl
dakiv selo coa
dakiv selo coa1
dakiv selo fl
dakiv selo fl1
deraghnyabskii rayon coa
deraghnyabskii rayon fl

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