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Khmelnitsky oblast (Khmelnitskiy oblast)

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annopol city coa
annopol city fl
bachmanivka selo coa
bachmanivka selo fl
belogorie pos coa
besedky selo coa
besedky selo fl
bilohirskii rayon coa
bilohirskii rayon fl
bilotyn selo coa
bilotyn selo fl
bolshoi pravutyn selo coa
bolshoi pravutyn selo fl
bolshoi sknyt selo coa
bolshoi sknyt selo fl
chemerivskii rayon coa
chemerivskii rayon fl
cherche selo coa
cheremovtsy pos coa
cheremovtsy pos fl
chornyi ostrov pos coa
chornyi ostrov pos fl
dakiv selo coa
dakiv selo fl
deraghnyabskii rayon coa
deraghnyabskii rayon fl
didova hora selo coa
didova hora selo fl
dunaivetskii rayon coa
dunaivetskii rayon fl
dunaivtsy city coa
dunaivtsy city fl
f1894 khmelnitsky city
g1893 khmelnitsky city
g1895 shepetovka city
glynnyky selo coa
glynnyky selo fl
golovli selo coa
golovli selo fl
gorodische selo coa
gorodische selo fl
gorodokskii rayon coa
gorodokskii rayon fl
goryca selo coa
goryca selo fl
gritsev city coa
gritsev city fl
gubelci selo coa
gubelci selo fl
gubyn city coa

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