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Kharkov oblast (Kharkiv oblast)

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UA KharkObl fl
balakliyskii rayon coa
balakliyskii rayon fl
barvenkovo2000s city coa n12343
barvenkovo city coa
barvenkovo city fl
barvenkovo rayon coa n12344
barvenkovskii rayon coa
barvenkovskii rayon fl
blyznykivskyi rayon coa
blyznykivskyi rayon fl
bogoduhov city coa
bogoduhov city fl
bogoduhovskii rayon coa
bogoduhovskii rayon fl
bogodukhov1781 city coa n6491
borivkii rayon coa
borivkii rayon fl
chuguev city coa 1781
chuguev city coa n3288
chuguevskii rayon coa
chuguevskii rayon fl
dergachevskii rayon coa
dergachevskii rayon fl
dvorechanskii rayon fl
dvurechanskii rayon coa
f1879 kharkov city
g1151 losovaya rajon
g1396 kharkov obl
harkivskii rayon coa
harkivskii rayon fl
harkov gub
izum city 2001 coa
izum city 2001 fl
izyum1781 city coa n6158
izyumskii rayon coa
izyumskii rayon fl
kegichevskii rayon coa
kegichevskii rayon fl
kharkov obl fl n15061
kharkov obl scoa n32851
kharkov obl vga fl 2022 n32852
kolomak pos coa
kolomak pos fl
kolomakskii rayon coa
kolomakskii rayon fl
krasnograd city coa1981

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