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Kemerovo Region

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novokuznetsk city fl
novokuznetsk city fl 2018 n26799
novokuznetsk rayon coa n10029
novokuznetsk rayon fl n10030
osinniki city coa 2006 n25004
polysaevo city coa n8157
polysaevo city fl
prokopevsk city coa 2003 n19462
prokopevskii rayon coa
prokopevskii rayon fl
prokopievsk city coa
promyshlennovskii rayon coa
promyshlennovskii rayon fl
prpkopievsk city fl
salair city coa 2006
sheregesh city coa
sheregesh municipality fl
sheregesh municipality fl 2010
suslovskoe selo coa
suslovskoe selo fl
taiga city coa
tashtagol city coa 1998
tashtagolskii rayon fl
tisulskii rayon coa
tisulskii rayon fl
topki city coa 1982 n25373
topki r coa
topki r fl
tyazhinsky rayon coa
tyazhinsky rayon fl
vargachinskii rayon coa
vilshanskii rayon coa
vilshanskii rayon fl
yashkinsky rayon coa
yashkinsky rayon fl
yurga1978 city coa n2493
yurga city coa

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