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10 Louhy
10 Prionejye
Ambarnyy sp coa
Ambarnyy sp fl
Chupa coa
Chupa fl
Idel sp coa
Idel sp fl
Kalevala coa
Kalevala fl
Kalevalskiy rayon coa 86
Kalevalskiy rayon fl 17
Kestenga sp coa
Kestenga sp fl
Kondopozhskiy rayon coa
Kuzema sp coa
Kuzema sp fl
Luusalmi coa
Luusalmi fl
Lyaskelya sp coa
Lyaskelya sp fl
Malinovaya Varakka coa
Malinovaya Varakka fl
Matrosy sp coa
Medvezhegorsk coa
Mikhaylovskoe sp coa
Mikhaylovskoe sp fl
Muezerskiy rayon coa
Pitkyaranta coa
Pitkyaranta fl
Pitkyaranta fl
Pjaozersk city coa
Pjaozersk city fl
Prionezhskiy rayon coa 82
Prjazinskiy raion coa
Pryazhinskiy rayon coa 22
Salmi sp coa
Salmi sp fl
Sortavala fl
Velikaya Guba sp coa
Velikaya Guba sp fl
borovskoe selo coa
borovskoe selo coa2013
borovskoe selo fl
borovskoe selo fl2013
chelmuzi selo coa
chelmuzi selo fl
chyolmuzhi deputy badge
chyolmuzhi head dep badges

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