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Kaluga Region

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40 kal2
40 kal3
40 kal4
40 kal5
40 kal6
40 kal7
40 kal8
40 kalfl
Baryatinskiy rayon coa
Baryatinskiy rayon fl
Iznoskovskiy rayon coa4
Iznoskovskiy rayon coa7
Kondrovo gp coa5
Kuybyshevskiy rayon 9
Kuybyshevskiy rayon fl
Spas-Zagore sp coa
Spas-Zagore sp fl4
Zukoskii rajon coa
akhlebinino sp coa
akhlebinino sp fl
babynino r fl
babyninskii rayon coa
balabanovo city coa
betliza pos coa
betliza pos fl
borovsk city coa
borovsk city fl
borovskoi rayon coa
borovskoi rayon fl
detchino pos coa
duminichskii rayon coa
duminichskiy rayon fl
dzerzinskii rayon coa
dzerzinskii rayon fl
ermolino city coa n6632
ermolino city fl
f1077 balabanovo city
ferzikovsky r coa
ferzikovsky r coa 2011
ferzikovsky r fl
g461 maloyaroslavets city
g medyn city
g meschovsk city

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