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toyama 16 JP fl
toyama pref n2626
toyonaka 27 JP fl
toyota city fl n2634
tsubata pos 17 JP embl
tsubata pos 17 JP fl
tsukuba 08 JP fl
tsuruga 18 JP embl
tsuruga 18 JP fl
uda 29 JP fl
umaji pos 39 JP embl
umaji pos 39 JP fl
utinada pos 17 JP embl
utinada pos 17 JP fl
uwajima city 38 JP embl
uwajima city 38 JP fl
vadzima 17 JP embl
vadzima 17 JP fl
viceadmiral japan fl n2585
wakasa pos 18 JP embl
wakasa pos 18 JP fl
wakayama pref n2628
wakuya 04 JP fl
watari 04 JP fl
yaita city fl n2676
yamaga city fl n2660
yamagata city fl n2680
yamagata pref n2629
yamaguchi 35 JP fl
yamaguchi city fl n2683
yamaguchi pref n2630
yamamoto 04 JP fl
yamanashi pref n2631
yamatokouriyama city embl 29
yamatokouriyama city fl 29
yamatokouriyama city fl n2667
yamatotakada city fl n2668
yamazoe embl fl 29
yamazoe selo fl 29
yao 27 JP fl
yaotsu 21 JP fl
yasuda pos 39 JP embl
yasuda pos 39 JP fl
yawatahama city 38 JP embl
yawatahama city 38 JP fl
yubari city fl n2650
zao 04 JP fl

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