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aki city 39 JP embl
aki city 39 JP fl
akita city fl n2635
akitakata 34 JP fl
akune 46 JP fl
amagasaki 28 JP fl
amakusa 43 JP fl
anan 36 JP fl
ananidzu pos 17 JP embl
ananidzu pos 17 JP fl
anda city embl nara
anda city fl 29
annaka 10 JP fl
aogashima island fl n2388
aomori city fl n2636
arakawa 13 JP fl
arakawa ku fl n2364
arao 43 JP fl
asagiri 43 JP fl
asahi 12 JP fl
asahikawa city fl n2646
ashiya 28 JP fl
aso 43 JP fl
awaji 28 JP fl
awara 18 JP fl
beppu 44 JP fl
betsukai 01 JP fl
bifuka 01 JP fl
bunkyo ku fl n2365
chiba 12 JP fl
chichibu 11 JP fl
chigasaki 14 JP fl
chikuhoku 20 JP fl
chikuma 20 JP fl
chippubetsu 01 JP fl
chiyoda ku fl n2366
choshi 12 JP fl
chuo ku n2367
coastalsafety force fl n2587
compositeforces fl n2581
daito 27 JP fl
defenceminister fl n2588
ebina 14 JP fl
echizen 18 JP embl
echizen 18 JP fl
echizen pos 18 JP embl
echizen pos 18 JP fl
edogawa ku n2368
eiheiji 18 JP fl
eiheiji pos 18 JP embl

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