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Gomel oblast (Homel oblast)

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petrikov city fl
rechica city coa 1845
rechica city fl
rechitsa city coa n5257
rogachev city coa 1781
rogachev city coa n5243
rogachev city coa proj 1862
rogachev city fl
sosnovyi bor pgt coa
sosnovyi bor pgt fl
streshin pgt coa
streshin pgt fl
svetlogorsk city coa n5259
svetlogorsk city fl
turov city coa n6264
turov city fl
ukgb gomel obl emb n30603
uvarovichi pgt fl
vasilevichi city coa n5258
vasilivichi city fl
vetka city fl
vetkovskii rayon coa
zhitkovichi city coa n5260
zhlobin city coa n5261
zitkovichi city coa
zlobin city fl

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