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.kruunupyy obsch coa
aitolahti city coa n8522
akaa city coa
alajarvi city coa n8526
alastaro city coa n8527
alatornio city coa n8528
alaveteli city coa n8529
alavieska city coa n8527
angelniemi city coa n8528
anjala city coa n8529
artjaarvi obsch coa
asikkala city coa n8530
askainen city coa n8531
askola city coa n8532
aura obsh coa
bergoe city coa n8606
bjoerkoeby city coa n8607
braandoo obsch coa
bromarv city coa n8608
dragsfjard city coa n8552
eckeroe city coa n8608
eeeenekoski obsch coa
enonkoski city coa n8609
espoo city coa n8610
eta obsch coa
etelaa karjala volost coa
etelaa pohjanmaa volost coa
etelaa savo volost coa
evijaervi city coa n8611
f1342 finland
f1371 aland
finland coa n5174
finland fl n4191
finland greater prcoa 1936
finstroem city coa n8612
foogloo obsch coa
forssa city coa n8553
g2001 varsainaissuomi prov
g2002 satakunta prov
g2003 aland prov
g2004 uusimaa prov
g2005 hame prov
g2006 karjala prov
g2007 savo prov
g2008 pohjanmaa prov
g2009 lappi prov
g2010 lapland prov
g2011 oulu prov
g2012 westernfinland prov

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