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andorra fl french n6980
bosnia19c coa n5198
bosnia herzegovina federation 1906 coa n19218
bosnia herzegovina federation 1996 fl n19219
carniola19c coa
eums coa n19216
f1162 cyprus
f1331 andorra
f1332 malta
f1335 sanmarino civil
f1338 bosnia
f1344 greece
f1360 monaco
f1361 luxembourg
f1363 liechtenstein
f1369 iceland
f1372 faroe
f1854 greenland
f746 sanmarino
faroe islands coa n19217
foroyar coa n3505
g1161 cyprus
g1345 greece
g1656 makedonia
g563 andora2
g andorra
g sanmarino
gibraltar coa n4475
gibraltar fl n4476
gibraltar fl n4917
greece coa 1827
greece coa 1832
greece coa 1924
greece coa 1973
greenland coa n3646
holy roman coa 1510
holy roman coa 1605
holy roman coa 19c
holy roman coa josephII
holy roman gcoa
holyroman empire coa n4007
iceland coa n140
iceland state fl n10366
istria19c coa n5129
liechtenstein coa n379
liechtenstein state fl n7023

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