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Donetsk oblast

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klinovoe selo coa
kominternovo selo coa
kostantinovskii rayon coa
kostantinovskii rayon fl
kramatorsk city coa n12355
kramatorsk city fl n12356
krasnoarmeiskii rayon coa
krasnoarmeiskii rayon fl
krasnotorka pgt coa
lebedinskoe selo coa
lesnoe selo coa
lugovoe selo coa
mariinskii rayon coa
mariinskii rayon fl
mariupol city coa
mariupol city coa n3292
mariupol city fl
mykolaivka city coa2
mykolaivka city fl2
nikolaevka city coa
nikolaevka city fl
niznilimskii rayon coa
novazovskii rayon coa
novazovskii rayon fl
novohrodovka city coa
pershotravnevyi rayon coa
pershotravnevyi rayon fl
poltava city fl1996
selidove city coa1986
selidove city fl
shahtarsk city coa
shahtarsk city fl
shahtarskii rayon coa
shahtarskii rayon fl
slavyansk city coa
slavyansk city fl
slovjansky rayon coa
sneznoe city fl
soledar city coa n18324
starolaspa selo coa
styla selo coa
sudak city coa
sudak city fl
svyatigorsk city coa
svyatigorsk city fl
telmanovskii rayon coll
telmanovskii rayon fl
torez city coa
torez city fl

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