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Donetsk oblast

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akbashev selo coa
akbashev selo fl
alexandrovskii rayon coa
alexandrovskii rayon fl
amvrosievka selo coa
amvrosievskii rayon coa
amvrosievskii rayon coa1
amvrosievskii rayon fl
artemovsk city coa
artemovsk city fl
artyomovsk city coa n7814
artyomovsk rayon coa n9077
belitskoe city coa n12326
belitskoe city fl n18592
chasov yar city coa n18328
chervonyi partizan selo coa
debaltsevo city coa
dnr coa
dnr coa n18702
dnr fl n18703
dnr fl n30705
dobropolie city coa
dobropolskii rayon coa
dobropolskii rayon fl
dokuchaevsk city coa
doneck o
donetsk2004 city fl n12325
donetsk city coa
donetsk obl2
donetsk obl coa n6076
druzkovka city coa
druzkovka city fl
dymytrov city coa
dymytrov city fl
enakievo city coa
enakievo city coa2007
enakievo city fl
f1891 debaltsevo city
f1892 makeevka city
f417 donetsk obl
gorlovka city coa
gorlovka city coa 1999 n27738
gorlovka city fl
gorlovka city smallcoa n27737
homutovo selo coa
kalchik selo coa
kamenka selo coa
khartsyzsk city coa
khartsyzsk city coa1996

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