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Dnepropetrovsk oblast (Dnipropetrovsk oblast)

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Yurevskiy rayon coa
Yurevskiy rayon fl
amur nizhnedneprovsky rayon dnepropetrovsk emb n27957
apostolovskii rayon coa
apostolovskii rayon fl
auly selo coa
auly selo fl
bolshaja kostromka selo coa
bolshaja kostromka selo fl
charichanka selo coa
charichanka selo fl
cherkasskoe selo coa
cherkasskoe selo fl
dneprodzerzinsk city coa
dneprodzerzinsk city fl
dnepropetrovsk1811 city coa
dnepropetrovsk city coa proj kene
dnepropetrovsk city fl
dnepropetrovsk city smallcoa n18587
dnepropetrovsk coa sov
dnepropetrovsk obl
dnepropetrovskaya oblast fl
dnepropetrovskiy rayon coa
dnepropetrovskiy rayon fl
ekaterinoslav gub coa 1878
ekaterinoslav gub coa 1883
ekaterinoslav gub coa n4159
g1474 dnepropetrovsksov city
g1475 yekaterinoslav city
gvardeiskoe selo coa
gvardeiskoe selo fl
hazin selo fl
karnauhovka pgt coa
kitaigorod selo coa 1721
krinichanskii rayon coa
krinichanskii rayon fl
krinichanskiy rayon coa n18589
krivorozskii rayon fl
krivoy rog rayon coa n12332
likhovka pgt coa
likhovka pgt fl
lotsmanskaja kamjanka selo coa
lotsmanskaja kamjanka selo fl
magdalinovka pgt coa
magdalinovka pos coa
magdalinovka pos fl
magdalinovka rayon coa n12333
magdalinovskii rayon fl
malomihailovka selo coa

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