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aalborg city coa n8145
aarhus amt coa n5351
aarhus city coa n8146
bornholm1942 amt coa n6234
bornholm amt fl n5348
bornholms amt coa n6243
brondby city coa n7878
copenhagen1894 city coa n12321
denmark coa n133
denmark royal coa 1948 n32742
denmark state fl n10365
f1341 denmark
frederiksborg amt coa n6235
fyns amt coa n6236
fyns amt coa n6245
kobenhavn amt coa n6237
kobenhavn amt coa n6244
nordjyllands amt coa n6246
odense city coa n8147
ribe amt coa n5352
ringkobing1960 amt coa n6238
ringkobing amt coa n6247
roskilde amt coa n6239
roskilde amt coa n6240
soenderjyllands amt coa n6248
sonderjyllands1980 amt coa n6241
squadron722 coa n6712
storstroms amt coa n6242
vejle amt coa n5353
vendsyssel amt fl n5349
vendsyssel amt fl n5359
vestsjylland amt n5354
viborg amt coa n5350

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