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izbirkom armyansk emb
izbirkom belogorsky r emb
izbirkom crimea emb
izbirkom dzhankoi emb
izbirkom dzhankoi r emb
izbirkom feodosiya emb
izbirkom kerch emb
izbirkom krasnogrvardeisky r emb
izbirkom krasnoperekopsky r emb
izbirkom pervomaisky r emb
izbirkom saki emb
izbirkom saki r emb
izbirkom simferopol r emb
izbirkom sovetsky r emb
izbirkom sudak emb
izbirkom yalta emb
jarpole selo coa
jarpole selo fl
kerch1844 city coa n6159
kerch city fl
kerch city prcoa 1859
kerch grd prcoa 1859
kerch grd prcoa 1892
kievskii rayon simferopol coa
kirovskii rayon coa
kirovskii rayon fl
kirovskoe municipality coa 2009 n23285
kirovskoe municipality coa n23286
kirovskoe municipality fl 2009 n23284
kirovskoe rayon coa n23224
kirovskoe rayon fl n23222
koktebel town coa 2009 n23288
koktebel town coa n23289
koktebel town fl 2009 n23287
koreiz town coa n23291
koreiz town fl n23290
krasnogorskii rayon coa2017
krasnogorskii rayon fl2017
krasnogvardeiskoe municipality coa 2010 n23293
krasnogvardeiskoe municipality coa n23294
krasnogvardeiskoe municipality fl 2010 n23292
krasnogvardeiskoe municipality fl n30627
krasnogvardeiskoe rayon coa 2011 n23211
krasnogvardeiskoe rayon coa n23212
krasnogvardeiskoe rayon fl 2011 n23210
krasnogvardeisky rayon coa
krasnoperekopsk city coa

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