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Chernovtsy oblast (Chernivtsi oblast)

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beregomet city coa
bojany selo coa XIX
bukovina19c coa n5126
chernovitskaja oblast fl
chernovtsi city coa 1784
chernovtsy city coa 2001
chernovtsy city coa n3285
chernovtsy city fl
glyboka pos coa
glyboka pos fl
glybokskii rayon coa
glybokskii rayon fl
hotin city fl
hotinskii rayon coa
hotinskii rayon fl
ivankovtsy selo coa
ivankovtsy selo fl
khotin1826 city coa n7026
khotin city coa n7825
kitsman city coa 1934
kitsman city coa XIX
kitsmanskyi rayon coa
kitsmanskyi rayon fl
kolenkovtsy selo coa
novoselyckyi rayon coa
novoselyckyi rayon fl
privoroki selo coa
privoroki selo fl
putila pgt coa XIX
putilskii rayon coa
putilskii rayon fl
sokirjanskii rayon coa
sokirjanskii rayon fl
sokiryany city coa n18506
starokonstantinov city coa
starokonstantinov city fl
storozhinets city coa n18507
storozhynetskyi rayon coa
storozhynetskyi rayon fl
turatka selo coa
turatka selo coa 2009
turatka selo fl
vashkovtsy city coa
vashkovtsy city fl
vygnytsa city coa
vygnytsa city fl
vygnytskii rayon coa
vygnytskii rayon fl
zastavnovskii rayon coa

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