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Chernigov oblast (Chernihiv oblast)

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kozeletskii rayon coa2
kozelskii rayon coa
kozelskii rayon fl
krasnii koljadin selo coa 1730
kulikovskii rayon coa
kulikovskii rayon fl
losinovka selo coa
losinovka selo fl
lubech pos coa
lubech pos coa1997
lubech pos fl
lyubech pgt coa 1742
lyubech pgt coa XVIII
mena city coa 1750
mena city coa n18492
menskii rayon coa
menskii rayon fl
monastyrische selo coa 1721
monastyrische selo coa 1749
mrin selo coa 1647
nezhin city coa n3293
nezin city coa 1625
nezinskii rayon coa
nezinskii rayon fl
nosovka city coa 1769
nosovskii rayon coa
nosovskii rayon fl
novaja basan selo coa 1686
novgorod seversky city coa 1620
novgorod seversky city coa 1782
novgorod siverskii city coa3
novgorod siverskii city fl
novgorodsev city coa n3247
novye mliny selo coa 1705
olyshevka pgt coa 1738
olyshevka selo coa 1780
orlovka selo coa
orlovka selo fl
oster city coa 1663
oster city coa n3249
podil h
podol selo3 coa
podol selo fl
ponornitsa selo coa 1749
priluki city coa 1782
priluki city coa XVI
priluki city coa n3251
priluki city fl
prilukskii rayon coa
prilukskii rayon fl

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