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Chernigov oblast (Chernihiv oblast)

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repkinskii rayon coa
repkinskii rayon fl
saltykova divitsa selo coa 1770
schorskii rayon coa
schorskii rayon fl
sednov pgt coa 1747
sednov selo coa
semenivka city coa
semenivka city fl
semenovskii rayon coa
shestovitsa selo coa
sinjavka selo coa 1747
smolanka selo coa
smolanka selo fl
sosnica pgt coa 1782
sosnytskyi rayon coa
sosnytskyi rayon fl
srebnjanskii rayon coa
srebnjanskii rayon fl
srebnoe pgt coa 1724
staryi bilous selo coa
stolne selo coa 1755
talalaevskii rayon coa
talalaevskii rayon fl
tolstoles selo coa
varva pgt coa 1737
varvinskii rayon coa
varvinskii rayon fl
veresoch selo coa
veresoch selo fl
vobli selo coa
vobli selo fl
zamglai pos coa
zamglai pos fl

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