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Chernigov oblast (Chernihiv oblast)

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bahmachskii rayon coa
bahmachskii rayon fl
baturin city coa 1671
berezany city coa XVII
berezna pgt coa XVII XX
bobrovitsa city coa 1767
bobrovitskii rayon coa
bobrovitskii rayon fl
borzna city coa XVII XX
borznjanskii rayon coa
borznjanskii rayon fl
cernigov city coa 1782
chernigov city coa
chernigov city coa 1623
chernigov city coa n3660
chernigov city coa proj 1859
chernigov city narbut eagle n27038
chernigov gub coa n4158
chernih o
chrnigovskii rayon coa
chrnigovskii rayon fl
desna city coa
desna city fl
dneprovskoe city coa
f1880 chernigov obl
gorodnja city coa 1782
gorodnjanskii rayon coa
gorodnjanskii rayon fl
ichnja city coa
ichnja city coa 1687
ichnja city coa 1730
ichnja city fl
ichnjanskii rayon coa
ichnjanskii rayon fl
ivanitsa selo coa 1741
kisilevka selo coa
kisilevka selo fl
kobizcha selo coa 1769
korjukovskii rayon coa
korjukovskii rayon fl
korop city fl
korop pgt coa XVII XX
koropskii rayon coa
koropskii rayon fl
koryukovka city coa
koryukovka city fl
kozelets pgt coa
kozelets pgt coa 1663
kozelets pgt coa 1782
kozelets pgt fl

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