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Cherkassy oblast (Cherkasy oblast)

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belozerie selo coa 1791
belozorie selo coa
bolshie kanivtsi selo coa 1768
cherkasskiy rayon coa
cherkasskiy rayon fl
cherkassy1852 city coa n7003
cherkassy city coa
cherkassy city fl
cherkassy obl coa
cherkassy obl fl
chigirin city coa 1592
chigirin city coa 1852
chigirin city coa n3287
chigirin city coa proj 1864
chigirinskii rayon coa
chigirinskii rayon fl
chornobaevskii rayon coa
chornobaevskii rayon fl
christinovka city coa n12327
domontov selo coa 1771
drabovskii rayon coa
drabovskii rayon fl
gelmjazov selo coa 1755
horodischenskii rayon coa
horodischenskii rayon fl
hrystynovskii rayon coa
hrystynovskii rayon fl
irkliev selo coa 1745
kamyankiy rayon coa
kamyankiy rayon fl
kanev city coa 1852
kanev city coa XVIII XIX
kanev city coa proj kene
kanevskii rayon coa
kanevskii rayon fl
katerynopolskii rayon coa
katerynopolskii rayon fl
korsun shevchenkivskyi rayon coa
korsun shevchenkivskyi rayon fl
korsun shevchenkovski city coa 1585
korsun shevchenkovski city coa 1792
korsun shevchenkovskii city fl
korsun shevchenkovskiy city coa n18497
krapivna selo coa 1771
kvitki selo coa XVIII
lysyanka rayon coa n12328
lysyanka rayon fl n12329
lysyanka town coa n18581
mankiskyi rayon coa
mankiskyi rayon fl

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