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Chelyabinsk Region

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magnitogorsk city coa n104
magnitogorsk city fl n130
magnitogorsk customs emb n20746
metallurgichesky rayon chelyabinsk emb n21616
mezhozyornoe gp coa
mezhozyornoe gp coa
miass1992 city coa n2495
minyar city coa n7491
minyar city fl n22610
nagaibaksy rayon coa n429
nagaibaksy rayon fl n542
nagaybaksky1984 rayon emb n1082
novyi kremenkul selo coa
novyi kremenkul selo honor badge
nyazepetrovsk city coa n4224
nyazepetrovsk city fl n4223
nyazepetrovsky rayon coa n594
nyazepetrovsky rayon fl n627
ognevskoe selo coa
ognevskoe selo fl
oktyabrsky1999 rayon emb n4936
oktyabrsky rayon coa n4072
oktyabrsky rayon fl n4073
ozersk city fl n3751
ozyorsk uvd badge0
ozyorsk uvd emb0
plast city coa n4051
plast city fl n4052
primorskoe selo coa
primorskoe selo fl
rg unit emb 3246
rg unit emb 3273
rg unit emb 3442
rg unit emb 3445
rg unit emb 3448
rg unit emb 3468
rg unit emb 3498
rg unit emb 6777
rg unit emb 6830
satka city coa
satka city fl n4527
sim city fl n22620
sim sity coa
snezhinsk ovd badge0
snezhinsk ovd emb0
sosnovsky rayon coa n4057
sosnovsky rayon fl n4071
sovetskii ray chel

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