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Canadian Forces

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hmcs malahat badge n11214
hmcs moncton mm708 badge n11571
hmcs montcalm badge n11634
hmcs montreal ffh336 badge n11577
hmcs nanaimo mm702 n11569
hmcs nonsuch badge n11219
hmcs oriole kc480 badge n11645
hmcs ottawa ffh341 badge n11579
hmcs preserver aor510 badge n11647
hmcs prevost badge n11635
hmcs protecteur aor509 badge n11646
hmcs queen badge n11216
hmcs queen charlotte badge n11636
hmcs regina ffh334 badge n11578
hmcs saskatoon mm709 badge n11575
hmcs scotian badge n11640
hmcs shawinigan mm704 badge n11572
hmcs st johns ffh340 badge n11583
hmcs star badge n11641
hmcs tecumseh badge n11215
hmcs unicorn badge n11642
hmcs vancouver ffh331 badge n11581
hmcs venture crest n20242
hmcs victoria ssk876 badge n11588
hmcs ville de quebec ffh332 badge n11584
hmcs whitehorse mm705 badge n11570
hmcs windsor ssk877 badge n11589
hmcs winnipeg ffh338 badge n11580
hmcs yellowknife mm706 badge n11574
hmcs york badge n11643
infantry branch badge n11187
intelligence branch badge n11205
intelligence branch fl n11206
joint signal regiment badge n11658
kings own calgary regiment badge n11606
land force command badge n11178
legal branch badge n11200
loadmaster badge n31147
logistics branch badge n11207
marcom admiral fl n11225
marcom commodore fl n11228
marcom fleet commander fl n11229
marcom rear admiral fl n11227
marcom vice admiral fl n11226
maritime air group badge n11235
maritime command badge n11173
maritime forces pacific badge n11190
medical branch badge n11211
military engineering branch badge n11209
military police branch badge n11203

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