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argada sp emb
babushkin1913 city coa n4233
barguzinsk1790 city coa n4234
barguzinskoe selo coa
barguzinskoe selo fl
barguzinsky rayon coa
barguzinsky rayon fl
bauntovskii rayon coa
bauntovskii rayon fl
bauntovsky r emb0
bayangol selo emb
bichursky r coa
bichursky r emb
bichursky r fl
bortoi ulus emb
burgaltai ulus coa
burgui sp emb
burt fl
burt fl2
buryat assr coa n6000
buryatia coa 1995
buryatia coa n31230
buryatia customs emb n20731
buryatia ufsb emb n31233
dabatuiskoe selo coa
dabatuiskoe selo fl
dalakhai ulus emb
dutulur ulus emb
dzhida r emb
dzhida r fl0
ekhe tsakir ulus emb
engorboi ulus emb
eravinsky rayon coa
eravinsky rayon fl
g1471 buryatia
g1927 babushkin city
g562 ulanudeprchb city
g563 ulanude city
hamnei selo emb
ivolginskii rayon fl
ivolginsky r coa 2009
kabanskii rayon coa
kabansky r coa
kabansky r coa 2016
kabansky r co

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