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Brest oblast

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ljahchitsy selo coa
ljahchitsy selo fl
logishin pgt coa
lunin selo coa
luninets city coa
luninets city coa n5276
luninets city fl
luninetskii rayon fl
lyakhovichi city coa n5275
malech selo coa
malorita city coa n2884
mchs brest obl patch n20383
melniki coa
melniki village coa 2019 n31500
mikashevechi pgt coa
mikashevechi pgt fl
molodovo selo coa
molodovo selo fl
pinsk city coa 1796
pinsk city fl
pinsk rayon coa n5279
pinskii rayon coa
pinskii rayon fl
pruzany city coa 1845
pruzhany city coa n5273
redigerovo selo coa
ruzany pgt coa
shereshevo pgt coa
sinkevichi selo coa
stolin city coa n5278
ukgb brest obl emb n30602
vorotsevichi selo coa
vorotsevichi selo fl
vulika 2 selo coa
vysokoe city coa n5277
zabinki city coa
zabinki city fl
zhabinka city coa b2903

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