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antverpen province fl
antwerp prov coa n7629
belgian armed forces emb n21303
belgium coa n3608
bernissart city BE coa
bernissart city BE fl
bertogne city BE coa
bertogne city BE fl
beveren city BE coa
bievre municipality coa n27725
broechem city coa BE 1951
brussels city coa n7628
brussels city fl n6981
eine city BE coa 1818
f1337 belgium
flanders reg coa n3624
flanders reg fl n3625
flemish brabant prov fl n7575
herbeumont city BE coa
herbeumont city BE fl
limburg prov coa n7577
limburg province fl
meerhout city BE coa
meerhout city BE fl
mellle city BE coa
mellle city BE fl
mol city BE coa
namur prov fl n7537
nieuwpoort city BE coa
nieuwpoort city BE fl
nijlen city BE coa
nijlen city BE fl
olen city BE coa
olen city BE fl
oost vlaanderen province fl
oud heverlee city BE coa
oud heverlee city BE fl
pamel city BE coa
peer city BE coa
peer city BE fl
peissant city BE coa
pelt city coa
putte city BE coa
putte city BE fl
puurs sint amands city coa
quiervrain city BE coa
quiervrain city BE fl
ranst city BE coa
ranst city BE fl
retie city BE coa

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