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AzSSR 1940 fl
Ministry of Communication of Azerbaijan Republic
Nabran pos coa
azerbadjan ssr coa n5998
azerbaijan ssr fl n7046
baku city coa 1843
baku city coa 1883
baku city coa 1967
baku gub coa n655
custom azerbaijan fl n3118
derbent city coa 1883
f1301 azerbaijan
gjandza city coa sovetskii
kaspiy1843 obl coa n613
kuba city coa 1843
land forces az fl n26220
lenkoran city coa 1843
lenkoran city coa 1970s
lenkoran city coa n26062
lenkoran city prcoa 1876
mashtaga pos zn0
mingachevir city coa n26219
mingachevir city coa n26221
mns emb n26063
nahichevan city coa 1843
nakhichevan assr coa n6008
ogso az emb n26226
sheki city coa 1843
sheki city coa 1984
shemaha city coa 1843
shemaha city coa 1987
shitvan city coa
sumgait city coa

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