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Australian Armed Forces

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hmas anzac emb n29897
hmas archer emb n30034
hmas armidale acpb83 emb n29717
hmas arrow emb n29898
hmas balikpapan emb n29899
hmas ballarat ffh155 emb n30069
hmas banks g244 emb n30035
hmas barricade emb n29900
hmas barwon k406 emb n30070
hmas basilisk emb n29403
hmas bayonett emb n29901
hmas benalla emb n29902
hmas bendigo emb n29903
hmas brisbane ddg41 emb n30036
hmas brunei emb n29904
hmas buccaneer p100 emb n29718
hmas bunbury emb n29905
hmas cerberus emb n29719
hmas condamine K698 emb n30552
hmas creswell emb n29906
hmas darwin ffg04 emb n29585
hmas derwent emb n29907
hmas diamantina emb n29908
hmas dubbo emb n29909
hmas duchess emb n29910
hmas encounter emb n29911
hmas fremantle fcpb203 emb n29720
hmas gawler fcpb212 emb n29165
hmas geraldton fcpb213 emb n29644
hmas hawk emb n29912
hmas hawkesbury emb n29945
hmas hobart ddg39 emb n30037
hmas ipswich fpcb209 emb n29721
hmas kuttabul emb n29913
hmas lachlan emb n29914
hmas lonsdale emb n29915
hmas macquarie emb n29946
hmas madang emb n29916
hmas manoora l52 emb n29722
hmas mermaid emb n29917
hmas moresby emb n29918
hmas murchison emb n29947
hmas napier emb n29919
hmas nepal g25 d14 emb n29404
hmas nestor emb n29920
hmas newcastle emb n29948
hmas nirimba emb n29723
hmas nizam emb n30071
hmas norman emb n29921
hmas orion emb n29949

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