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guinea coa n6361
guinea fl n4923
guineabissau coa n6362
hararre city coa
hararre city fl
isiolo county coa n29804
isiolo county fl n29803
italian somaliland governorate coa n19206
jubaland state fl n19207
kamerun1914 coa n7852
kamerun1914 fl n7853
kenya air force emb n19208
kenya army emb n19209
kenya coa coa n3976
kenya defence forces fl n19210
kenya defence forces logo n19211
kenya navy logo n19212
kinshasa city coa n10458
kinshasa city fl n7127
lesotho2006 fl n8996
lesotho coa 1951 66
lesoto coa n3980
madagascar coa n7059
malagasy1958 rep coa n1132
malagasy1975 rep coa n6983
malawi coa n7057
malawi fl 2010
mali coa n6043
mauritius coa n4472
mayotte coa n4023
mayotte fl n4022
mombasa county coa n29805
mozambique1975 coa n3981
mozambique coa n3981
nairobi city fl n7128
namibia coa n3715
ndjamena city coa n10477
ndzuwani island fl n4915
ngazidja island fl n4914
niger coa n6360
nigeria coa n4013
nyasaland coa n24764
nyasaland fl n24765
praia city coa n11407
puntland state coa n20791
puntland state fl n19213
reuinion reg council fl n19230
reunion1925 coa n14280

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