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abidjan city coa n10943
abidjan district coa n29800
abidjan district fl n29799
angola1992 coa n3975
angola 2003
antananarivo city fl n6150
antananarivu city coa
ascension island coa n17184
asctssion island coa
asctssion island fl
ashanti fl n10350
awdalland state fl n19202
benin1975 coa n6982
benin1975 fl n4924
benin coa n4542
botswana coa n4470
brazzaville city coa n10944
bulawayo city coa
bulawayo city fl
burkinafaso1984 coa n3525
burkinafaso coa n4471
cameroon coa n4544
capeverde1975 coa n1419
central afrik rep coa
central afrik rep coa 1958
chad coa n39
comoros2001 fl n4913
comoros coa n7055
congo1970 coa n7062
congo1970 fl 7063
congo2006 demrep fl n7527
congo coa n7061
congo demrep2006 coa n7553
congo demrep coa n7060
cote d ivoire coa2
cotedivoire1964 coa n3977
deutschsudwestafrika1914 coa n7850
deutschsudwestafrika1914 fl n7851
drcongo emb n4884
eritrea coa
eritrea coa 1919
eritrea coa 1926
eritrea coa 1952
f1754 benin
f1755 botswana
f1756 burkinafaso
f1757 burundi
f1758 cameroon

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